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Lima, Peru


Old World Charm, New Latin Sizzle


After you land in Peru, you will enjoy a night at one of our select hotels. All of your choices are upscale and comfortable. There are a multitude of exciting venues to encounter while you are relaxing for evening; the markets are packed with exotic gifts, and the Latin-Indian cuisine is scrumptious. One of our guides will accompany you to the highlights of South America. Your trip may include Lima, or direct to Iquitos, the largest city on earth with no road leading into it.

Crossing the Andes Mountains


From the Pacific Coast over the Peaks, to the Amazon


The flight over the Andes to Iquitos is truly unforgettable; remember to take your camera out of your bag to record this amazing sight. Few people ever get the opportunity to experience this panorama; you'll be viewing the pacific coast, to the snow covered peaks, on down to the tropical wonderland of the Peruvian Rainforest. This is one flight you will check off your personal bucket list. Bring extra memory cards, you'll need them.

Your Adventure Begins


Iquitos, where you leave your world behind


The Amazon River town of Iquitos is crisscrossed with canals and dotted with rubber baron architecture and has that wild flavor of the old west. Our VIPs have the option of taking the speed boat trip or the traditional ‘bote de rio’, either choice will offer an unhindered view of the Amazon River. Iquitos is the largest city in the world with out a road leading into it. Four star hotels are available for our travelers to enjoy before or after their expedition into the Peruvian Rainforest.


Sample VIP Package

Day one Lima, Peru

Hotel Stay, Dining


exotic cuisine, 5 star restaurants

Day two Flight to Iquitos

Cross the Andes


local Markets, road to Nauta...

Day two Amazon River Cruise 

Amazon, Yanayacu Rivers
Speed boat to the Lodge...

Week One Excursions

All Excursions are Included


Predator sightings, survival hike...

The Amazon Refuge Lodge


You will be traveling down the Mighty Amazon River


Once you arrive at the lodge, you will be welcomed by our friendly and courteous staff. We employ the local Cucama Indians as well as degreed biologist and seasoned survivalists. We consider our lodge ‘Rustic Luxury’, all the amenities are there, including comfortable sleeping arrangements, up to date sanitation facilities, and excellent cuisine. Along with Electrical Power, Sat Phones, and modern tiled bathrooms, you will find all of the charm and beauty of the native architecture.

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Chingana: Noun/Adjective

a Peruvian location, and attitude;
•    (Southern Cone) fiesta, wild party
•    (Amazon River) store, supermarket, honey hole
•    (Andes, Southern Cone) dive, tavern, cheap dance hall


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