Jungle Survival Exercises:

An educational course for the adventurous jungle lover who wants bragging rights as an official Amazon Rainforest Survivor.

Amazon Jungle vs. Corporate Jungle

  • We offer one of the most powerful and dramatic experiences on the planet

  • After your owners, managers and directors engage this program, they will have the confidence only a true world class encounter can produce

  • Your Team will dominate the boardroom with their tales and graphics of Amazon Survival 

  • Your company may receive Travel Certificates for incentives, group events, Corporate Gifts, Grand Prizes, Charity Auctions, etc.

All Survival sessions are conducted by our Qualified Biologist who is recognized as one of the foremost guides for the Amazon Rainforest by the SAE.


Our guides offer the real thing, from building a shelter to constructing a balsa raft, both essential to surviving the rainforest.

You will learn:

  • Readily available protein

  • Type of wood or material that can be used as a torch, or to start a fire

  • Palm fiber cordage, what kind and how to make it

  • Tree bark strapping, and vines for lashing

  • Spears from natural woods in the bush, like bamboo, fire hardened wood, or cane

  • Bowls, plates, drinking water containers etc. something that can hold vine water

  • A simple bow

  • Traps and snares

  • Wooden machete, ironwood for example

  • Building a Shelter, and the material needed

  • Wood raft

  • Medicinal and bandaging plants

  • Basic edible plants

  • Fishing poles and baits

Extreme Rafting...

Lodge Amazon is hosting a 10 day  "bear bones" survival expedition. 

10 days, 7 people build their survival rafts and float through the flooded rainforest of the Peruvian Amazon...dropped off in the most remote area of Peru...


Tools made from the native bush; spears, fishing poles, traps, cooking grilles, braided palm fiber lines, and much more are all part of your survival experience.


Hydration techniques are taught on the first day, carry this knowledge throughout the course.


A certificate will be awarded to those who complete this course along with a one year membership to the South American Explorers Club; you earned it


Julio Irarica Lovera

Kiko Pizango

Cristian Pua

Survival is the best revenge

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Chingana: Noun/Adjective

a Peruvian location, and attitude;
•    (Southern Cone) fiesta, wild party
•    (Amazon River) store, supermarket, honey hole
•    (Andes, Southern Cone) dive, tavern, cheap dance hall


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