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The last human outpost headed into the 5,000,000 acre

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El Condor Pasa - Full Cirlcle
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Time Honored Peruvian Recipe

Your Spiritual Journey with us


True ceremonies do not normally include group situations where you are spiritually tutored; you already know why you're here. The Ayahuasca experience is an individual journey, not a communal event, or a party.


Instead, we focus on the natural beauty of the Amazon Rainforest, and during the day, when you are not taking part in the ceremony, you will be guided through the Botanical Gardens and waterways that surround the Amazon Refuge Lodge.


Here you will come in contact with the flora and fauna that inhabit our domain. This experience will provide you with a true connection to the earth, in an untouched environment. This will unite your soul with the natural spirits of Peru and the Earth.


Our partner, an owner of the lodge, will be your translator and guide for the journey you are setting out on, with over 40 years experience he is more qualified to assist you than any others in the Rainforest. 



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